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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a place fast?

Yes. Since we have already collected an extensive list of information on each vacancy, you simply have to select the most suitable places and view them. Most rentals are available immediately or for the first of the month.

What if I have pets?

Being a pet owner, you are already aware that finding a place that accepts pets is more difficult and time consuming. However, we list on each property what the landlords preference is regarding pets so we can advise you which rentals will consider your pets, saving you time and frustration. Our custom software breaks the units down to first list the ones that will consider pets then lists other options where you can attempt negotiate with the properties owners by offering references, pet deposits, meeting your pets etc.

Do you help students?

Yes. We have specialized in locating housing for students for many years. We are aware that the competition is fierce near the campuses. Due to the fact that we offer landlords first class service and free advertising, we have the most comprehensive list of affordable housing near the campuses.

What happens if I find something on my own?

Our fee in not contingent on your choosing one of the places we show you. Since you are hiring us to watch the market for you there is no need for you to look on your own. You would only be repeating what you hired us for. Plus, with the fact that we have the largest selection of rentals in the Lower Mainland, that would be unlikely.

Why is your fee so much?

You are hiring Rental Guide to monitor the Realtors, Property Managers, Private Landlords, News Papers and web sites for available rentals. With our custom software we provide you with information on rental properties that match the # of Bedrooms, type of dwelling, municipality and pet policies that you are looking for, as well as continue to update you online daily with the latest leads.

What is the difference between you and looking online or in the paper?

We have been offering free advertising to the landlords since 1988. We gather the rental information through Realtors, Property Managers, newspapers, web sites and we have numerous Landlords calling in listings daily. Unlike the newspapers that charges to list or web sites that list only their own rentals or rely solely on the public to list with them, we have a full staff that collects rental data daily. We have custom developed software to categorize these units by price, number of bedrooms, type of dwelling and municipality, to make your search faster and easier to get you out looking at rentals now.

Marilyn W.
Many thanks for your very pleasant help in assisting me to find new rental accomodation. I always get frantic and you really do give me a lift, no matter how little is on the market for my specific needs. As you know, I have found a place rather early in the process so my stress level is only at "high" instead of the usual "extremely high". I will certainly come back to you should I require help in the future.

Moneca S.
I wanted you to be aware how much your service helped me in my search for rental housing for myself and my little boy. I had been looking in the paper without luck for three months until I decided to pay your fee and get some help. I was impressed that on the day I joined your service I was given a name of a real estate agency that was handling the rental on a four-bedroom house in Kerrisdale for a new owner. I am happy to say that the house was everything that I required and more, was being rented at a reasonable price and I had no trouble with the person handling the property management when it came to my renting with a little boy. Thank you for your help and I hope that all your clients are as lucky as I was.

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